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Like many Southern California communities, Indio, Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley relies on several sources to meet their growing water needs. Where does Indio, Palm Springs and the surrounding area get its water? These sources include:

  • Groundwater,
  • Recycled water,
  • And imported water from both the State Water Project and the Colorado River.

Most of Indio’s drinking water comes from the groundwater source, which is stored in large aquifer before filtration and distribution. The additional sources are typically reserved for non-potable water needs, like agriculture.  As the population of Indio, Palm Springs and the surrounding communities expands and climate change continues to impact seasonal rainfall, the Coachella Valley may rely more heavily on imported and other water sources to meet demand. As with naturally-occuring groundwater, imported water can have some unpleasant and noticeable side-effects at the tap.

Indio & Palm Springs Water Quality and Their Treatment Solutions

Groundwater quality is generally hard in nature, which means it contains high concentrations of dissolved minerals, and Coachella Valley water is no exception. Though naturally occurring and generally safe to drink, the high mineral content of Indio’s water can cause headaches at home. Many people detect a noticeable taste associated with hard water, and the issues often go beyond just an unpleasant aftertaste or smell. Other indicators of Indio-area poor quality or hard water include:

  • White, chalky buildup around fixtures, plumbing, and appliances.
  • Cloudy residue and/or water spots that can be hard to clean.
  • Rising utility bills — major appliances like water heaters and dishwashers can’t use hard water effectively, which costs you every month.
  • Coffee, tea, and even recipes can taste or smell ‘off’ —the result of dissolved minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Dry skin, hair, and nails, since hard water can leach moisture with every shower.
  • Laundry that looks worn or feels stiff and scratchy.

Whatever your Indio & Palm Springs water problems, Culligan has a water purification solution that’s always customized to your home, and the water in it. Learn more, today! 

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