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How Much Does a Culligan Water Softener Cost?

Responsible homeowners are sure to be proactive and address hard water issues before they become a major problem. But do you have the experience to see the signs that your water supply needs help?  Or that your appliances and plumbing are suffering from a water supply that could be harmful in the long run? Hard water can lead to a myriad of issues, including water spots on appliances and glasses, mineral build up on faucets, slow drainage, dry skin irritation, and more. You may notice that purchasing a water softener isn’t as cut-and-dry as purchasing a new television or home appliance. There isn’t a one-size-fits all solution to every home’s water infrastructure.

There are a very broad range of factors that impact the cost of a household water softener. The cost of specific Culligan systems will vary depending on the solution that is right for your home. Some factors that impact the cost of your new system include system type, unit size and unit add-ons.

System Type

We currently offer several different types of water softeners: Aquasential Smart High-Efficiency Water Softeners, High-Efficiency 1-inch Softeners, Aquasential Select Series Water Softeners, and Aquasential Salt-Free Conditioners. The cost of your estimate will sway the heaviest depending on what system type you choose.

Unit Size (Grain Capacity)

Larger homes are going to need larger capacity water softeners. A softeners grain capacity is how many grains of water hardness a unit can remove prior to regeneration. Hardness of water is measured in grains per gallon (gpg), so it is important to have a Culligan specialist help measure how much hardness your unit will have to remove daily.

Unit Add-Ons

Softener unit add-ons can include pre-filters, installation kits, and resin upgrades. If your area has higher levels of chlorine in the area for example, a Culligan specialist may recommend including a Chlorine pre-filter to combat the specific issues found in your water supply. Alternatively, if your water supply has a high TDS (total dissolved solids) reading, you may need to add a whole-house filter or reverse-osmosis system too.

The Culligan Experience

Many home appliances can be easily installed without professional help, but a water softening system, although minimally invasive, involves your entire home’s water supply. Because of this it is advisable that a Culligan water specialist facilitates the installation of your system.

It is wise to consult your local Culligan water specialist in this purchasing process ­– they will help test your water prior to installation, guide you in what products to purchase, and advise you on what system will best fit your home. The purchase of a water softening system does not only include they system itself, but also equipment setup and personalized service from Culligan throughout your system’s lifespan.

No, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to clean and healthy water. Our neighborhood’s infrastructures present numerous variables that necessitate the need for custom packages and solutions. Each of these custom packages comes with its own associated cost. However, our process to build you a custom solution is convenient and painless.  At Culligan, we strive to tailor the experience to your exact needs. Want to get started with us? Contact Culligan today to schedule a free in-home water test!

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