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Rachael W.
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Thank you #CulliganofPalmSprings! You have made one happy customer!! So grateful your employees are beyond helpful, even showing me how the “other” water system was supposed to work! What a relief. Almost worth the flood because otherwise I would have been with the wrong water company months ago…phewww! Thank you Manny. I’m excited for soft, reversed-osmosed water. Yayyyy!

David S.
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A big THANK YOU to Frank at Culligan who initailly met with me and then politely followed-up in a non-pushy sales manner, but rather from a Customer Service perspective and the value add of the product and service. Installation went relatively smoothly and the system is up and running as promised. The system is adjusted appropriately It’s great to see soap lather and not have to have slippery feeling like there’s still soap on your hands. Dishes and glasses come out great from the dishwasher.

Mahmoud A.
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Scheduled an appointment to have a rep come and check the existing system that we have, Frank came and although he’s a sales rep, and doesn’t do service but he checked everything and was very knowledgeable and friendly. He did everything I needed to know, checked the water level, the filter level, reset the system manually and explained how the system works.If you call and get Frank, then you’re lucky and will be in good hands.


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With this combination of water resources, Palm Springs water quality often faces our share of water filtration and treatment issues:

All drinking or domestic water provided by CVWD comes from the groundwater basin, a source usually referred to as the aquifer. The Coachella Valley’s groundwater basin can be imagined as a tilted bathtub filled with sand and gravel and topped with a layer of clay; water fills the spaces under the clay and in between the sand and gravel. Wells approximately 1,200 feet deep reach the highest quality water within the aquifer. Pumps push the water up to 1 of 63 distribution reservoirs. Water is then delivered to customers via 2,015 miles of distribution piping.

CVWD provides drinking water to most of the Coachella Valley. The remaining residents and businesses mostly receive their drinking water from Desert Water Agency, Mission Springs Water District, City of Coachella, Indio Water Authority or Myoma Dunes Water Company. Nevertheless, nearly all drinking water in the Coachella Valley is pumped from the groundwater basin.

A crucial component of effective water management is developing alternatives to groundwater use for non-potable uses such as outdoor irrigation. For this reason, the District works closely with local golf course superintendents, landscape professionals and large property owners to maximize their water efficiency. More than a dozen golf courses, homeowner associations and a local school irrigate with recycled water. Residents of Palm Springs, CA could notice problems with hard water as their drinking water has an average hardness of 111 PPM and 7 grains per gallon.

Whatever your Palm Springs water problems, Culligan has a water purification solution that’s always customized to your home, and the water in it. Learn more, today! 

Is Palm Springs Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Environmental Working Group detected 13 contaminants in Palm Springs tap water where levels reached above their recommended guidelines. This includes chloroform, chromium, haloacetic acids, nitrate, uranium, and more.