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What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water First Thing In The Morning?

Our morning routines can sometimes feel monotonous and rushed, but what we do in the morning will always impact the rest of our day for better or worse. We sometimes turn to coffee or tea, maybe some quiet time in the morning too, but none of those routines are as simple and beneficial as drinking water. Waking up you can find yourself in a fog sometimes, or on other occasions, it’s just about rushing and getting out of the house as soon as possible but giving your body what it needs should be the number one task at hand above all else.

Why Should I Be Drinking Water In The Morning?

1. Water boosts your energy levels.

Scientifically, water boosts your red blood cell count which increases the amount of oxygen your brain receives. When your brain is receiving more oxygen, you’re more alert and awake, versus when you’re tired and run down, your brain is receiving less oxygen. Yawning is a sign that you’re tired obviously, but a yawn is your body trying to make up for your brain receiving less oxygen than it did earlier in the day, which means you’re tired and need to recharge. So, drinking a glass of water right out of bed is a free and easy way to get energized to take on your day.

2. Water helps boost your metabolism

In addition to supplying nutrients to your body, water is also very helpful in aiding weight loss. Water acts as a lubricant for all our internal organs and functions, so the more water you drink the more efficient your body is at burning calories and metabolizing food. A boost to your metabolic rate is a boost to the rate at which calories burn. You can see upwards of a 30% increase in metabolism with just two cups of water. For those interested in weight loss, water is a great aid to help you feel full while also removing the by-products of fat cells.

3. Water helps ease aches and pains

Water is a lubricant for your body, so your joints benefit from good hydration as well. Any type of chronic discomfort – back pain, joint pain, arthritis, headaches – can be remedied by starting your day with water. Water can also remove acid buildup in your joints which causes discomfort. Ultimately, you’re just balancing out the chemicals in your body by leveling them out with water.

4. Water clears up your skin

Drinking water first thing helps hydrate your skin, and when your skin is hydrated, your skin stays elastic and better fights off toxins that cause blemishes and imperfections. Your skin will make it through the day looking a lot healthier with a hydrated look.

5. Water fights toxins in your body

A few cups of water in the morning will speed up your body’s waste management and flush toxins from your body. Water cleanses the colon, so when. You go to the bathroom or sweat, you’re flushing the unwanted elements out. Water aids the kidneys in producing hormones, absorbing minerals, and filtering blood.

Regardless of the benefits, every morning you should be filling your cup with the best and cleanest water you can get! Choose our water softeners and whole house systems for the best start to your day.

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