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How Much Does a Culligan Water Jug Weigh?

Culligan bottled water jugs are a perfect addition to any home or office space. However, you may be wondering what kind of work goes into carrying and installing these bottles every time a new delivery comes in. How much do Culligan 5-gallon jugs weigh and how often do you need to carry new one’s into your home or office? Is there any extra work associated with using Culligan bottled water jugs? The answers to all these questions can help you decide if Culligan bottled water is right for you!

Culligan Water Jugs: How Much Do They Weigh?

Because a gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds, and Culligan bottled water jugs hold 5 gallons of water, you can expect your Culligan jug to weigh about 42 pounds when full. When empty, the jugs weigh next to nothing. Because of this, replacing and installing Culligan jugs is very low maintenance! Culligan will deliver the bottled water directly to your home or office on a schedule that best accommodates your needs, meaning great-tasting, clean Culligan water is simple to obtain for everyone!

Culligan Bottled Water vs. Bottle Free Coolers

If you want another way to get great-tasting Culligan water, and don’t want to deal with bottle deliveries, you may be in the market for a Culligan bottle free cooler (BFC). A BFC sets your home or office up with an endless supply of freshly filtered Culligan water! How does it work?

  1. Hook up your Culligan BFC to your existing water line in your home or office.
  2. That’s it! You now have an endless supply of filtered Culligan water! Again, it’s that simple!

The differences between Culligan bottled water jugs and BFC units are the way in which you get your water. One offers consistent deliveries, while the other offers endless supply straight from your water line. Both will help you save space within your home or office and are incredibly low maintenance! Culligan does all the work to deliver your bottles or change the filters on your BFC! To save even more space, you can even opt for a countertop BFC unit! Whether you go with bottled water or a BFC, you can’t go wrong by giving your home or office Culligan Water.

Why Is Culligan Right for You?

Culligan water offers a variety of products that provide your family or employees with great-tasting water. Water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, salt free conditioners and bottled water solutions make Culligan Water an easy choice for your home or office.

Culligan bottled water and BFCs are cost-efficient and low maintenance, making them simple to use and simple to install. Contact your local Culligan dealer today to find out more about why Culligan is right for you.

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